Drunk birds slur their songs


I would be curious to know how they got the alcohol into the birds.

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“At first we were thinking that they wouldn’t drink on their own because, you know, a lot of animals just won’t touch the stuff…”

This person must not be a wildlife biologist because there’s evidence that suggests otherwise.

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I hope this part made it into the grant application.


Is this a typo? Or am I just anthropomorphising other animals’ buzz-ons?

[citation needed]

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According to the linked articles they fed it to them in a mixture of white grape juice and water. Now I’d like to see a study to see if they prefer proper wine to that mixture.


“Baby Duck” is a real wine. Why does everybody laugh at that?


I know a guy who’s job used to be getting mice drunk at OHSU. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. What poor unsuspecting species is next? (Actually, I bet it sucks more to be in the control group)

Bacardi Breezers.


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