Chimpanzees enjoy getting drunk on wine

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The 1974 pseudo-documentary Animals Are Beautiful People gave us drunk monkeys with wacky music and sound effects. Also drunk ostriches, elephants, wildebeests, and, best of all, warthogs. Followed by hangovers.

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We used to feed our rabbit raisins, which each contain an infinitesimal amount of wine. Five or six would fuck him up for the evening.

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So in Roald Dahl’s Danny, Champion of The World they didn’t need to bother with slicing the raisins open to insert sleeping powder…just get the pheasants to eat enough raisins.

Long as you’re up, get me a cold one.

I recall reading that elephants will seek out windfall apples and intentionally get drunk. Also, a few of them are mean drunks, which is really bad when it’s an elephant.

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