Rescued mink experiences playing in water for the first time in its life




Correction, not people. It is basically one woman who does it all, with her friend helping out. :slight_smile:


Notice how otter like he looks when his fur is slicked down!

Because otters are essentially sea weasels.


Maybe spinning around in water is the mink version of the weasel war dance?


Minks are basically otters without the webbed paws :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s cute!


Or river weasels :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, they’re stoatally different.


Now that’s how a real proper gentleman eats and plays! (Not at a table!)

I’ll donate $2 to the purchase of a kiddie pool for that mink! (I will also suggest that actively-aquatic rodents mustelids* and indoor carpeting are not going to be compatible in the long term.)

*Thanks, @MarkDow


Mustelid, not rodent.


Yikes. From what I’ve read you’re not supposed to get your mink wet like that. I hope they know a professional fur cleaner cause you cannot put that in the dryer.


don’t badger the guy!


Well someone mustalid 'im on…


>who did not end up as a fur coat



Poor Rats. If it wasn’t for that ugly tail and buckteeth we would be watching video’s of rats on the internet.


Rats are super cute, super fun, super smart, and make super great pets.


Are you super sure about that? :wink:


Who gives a shit about the fucking marmot!


“I don’t know why, but this feels so right!”

  • Mink


Super duper!