Otter cuddle puddle




Fuzzy little cuddle elementals…


This needs a “cute” trigger warning. Now I’m gonna spend all day wishing I was an otter.


So many animals. So few recipes.


I spend most days wishing I were an otter. They’re gorgeous creatures (and yes I know they get their jollies off by “raping” seals. IDEC)


What happens if you shout ‘CRAYFISH!!’?


I think the elemental plane of cuddle is located near the intersections of the planes of water, earth, and positive energy.


I think I like this more than I otter.


“Otter Cuddle Puddle” means something slightly different in my circle of friends…


Then you will love this…


For what it’s worth, only sea otters have been known to do that. Sea otters are pretty rapey in general, really. River otters just like to juggle pebbles and swim a lot.


Well, it is “Up Your Alley” tomorrow! So there will be otter cuddle puddles for all sorts.


Try saying it 5 times real fast.


I have read about ONE case of an extremely disturbed male, raised in captivity, that went rapey on seals. You can’t generalize from that.

OTOH, they are predatory creatures, from the weasel family.


I ran to show this picture to my girlfriend. This led to me telling her things from my limited store of factoids about the giant river otter, which led to watching videos of them taking out a caiman, chasing off a (confused) jaguar, etc.

Gawd damn, otters; you are excellent.


“Let’s shunt!”


Not surprising - there aren’t traditionally a lot of seals up rivers.


At first I thought it was a swarm of rats:


Seals are pretty common in rivers here in the northwest US. They often hang out below dams to dine on the salmon coming through. For example, they cause problems at Bonneville Dam, which is at river mile 146. Maybe we should tell the otters.


Warranty void if seals broken.