Researchers demonstrate edible origami robot


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“As an explorer, I have traveled throughout the human body, but I still have not found this thing you call ‘love’.” ~ RoboGummi


You had me at “edible.”


I’d say the demonstration was a great success!


I’m not disappointed, but I thought this might be a robot that could be deployed en masse to march to hungry people and feed them.


There was an old lady who swallowed a fly-bot…


It would be bad if origami-belly-bot was sharp and pointy.


Bite my shiny edible ass!


Edible =/= Ingestible


I, for one, welcome our delicious robotic overlords…


I’d imagine it might be a tad unsettling if it flips around in your gut the way it does in the video.

Forget butterflies in the stomach - it would be like swallowing a bristlebot.


I sure hope they’re not delicious, or else Frito-Lay will start selling them in bags, and people will have hundreds of robots crawling around in their guts.

“Researchers tested about a dozen different materials, before settling on a type of dried pig intestine used in sausage casings.”

Who stole the kishka? MIT stole the kishka.


Oh, Gods - if these robots are in kishka, they’ll never get anyone to ingest them… one of the most vile things… (aside from cilantro, of course)


As a kid I loved kishka. . . until my mother finally told me what it was made from.


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