Miniature origami robot self-folds, walks, swims, blows our minds

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I hope Hiro doesn’t sell out his origami microbot and instead goes to work with that nice Dr. Callaghan.

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Ah but can it run like a cheetah? Can you mount a laser on its head?

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So this robot is moved around because external electromagnets act upon a magnet in the robot. So if I place a magnet in some foil and move a larger magnet under the table which in turn moves the foil then I’ve made a robot?

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OED: Definition of robot in English:

1A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.

By that definition it does seem more of a puppet, doesn’t it. Or “part of a robot” with the unseen magnets surrounding composing the rest.

Very awesome though! Felt bad, though, when they killed it at the end. Bastards!


…and then when you’ve run out of things to do with it, drive it into a tank of acetone and it’ll dissolve. This is the first time that a robot has been able to demonstrate a complete life cycle like this, and eventually, it’ll be doing it inside your body.

This is precisely why I’ve spent the past 15 years sipping gradually larger amounts of acetone!


I saw this same video a few years ago, but back then it was called Marcel the Shell:

I kind of feel like I’ve been rickrolled twice in one day…

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ohhh! they told it to jump in the acetone … I thought it had developed self-awareness and had just lost the will to live after all the inane tasks it had been set.
I reminds me of the first brain they tried for Robocop that ripped itself out of its body.

Depends if you can do fine manipulation of the robot’s limbs. If not, no, you’ve only made a snarky comment.

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You missed the part where it shows the thumbs up in the acetone. It’ll be back.

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before long it will be doing it inside your body

Hopefully I’ll have a chance to consent…

Well, since they can’t do fine manipulation and the article describes that fact that locomotion is reliant on wiggling the off center thing, then I can only assume you are just making a snarky comment.

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