Self-folding origami robot crawls around


…and then they flop about like a fish out of water.

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(Said in a Groucho sotto voce) Today’s secret word is “battlefield!”

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They really don’t mention one big advantage, that is that a robot that bends its joints as folds rather than mechanical joints should also be a bit more durable and cheaper in sandy or wet environments.

That said, their locomotion seems pretty inefficient in this video. i wouldn’t want to wait for an ammo drop on a battlefield for one of those things to waddle across the surface.

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Exactly. I think the use of the work walk is a bit optimistic in that model. But cool idea and maybe even more useful in low/zero gravity environments like outer space.

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Kind of beats the ammo just sitting over there, in the middle of crossfire. Or not being dropped in at all.

That said… could such mechanisms be adapted for guided gliding flight? Self-assembly thing that first acts as a guided glider, and after landing it finishes the assembly into a walker?

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Why are we shooting each other!? Let’s use the robots to bring us sandwiches!


True that. Let’s get the ammo, reprogram the robots as sandwich-carriers, unite, and go shoot the politicos and their handlers who started and profited from the war.

I want them to make sandViches. :wink:

$ sudo make sandwiches


Well, I for one… NYYYEeerrgGGH!


And maybe said transforming glider could burst from the chest of a giant robot that looks like a tape player.


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