Pogoing robot looks like it's having fun bouncing through an obstacle course

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I can’t help but feel the wee mechanical progeny of Jackhammer Jill require a soundtrack:


The poodle that inspired a robotics revolution:


I’m sure this experiment in robotic flea technology will not result in jumping swarms of bloodthirsty robots.


Is a little nip here and there really so much to ask in exchange for monitoring your every move?




Is it weird/ wrong to find a machine adorable? Because I find that little fellow cute as hell.


The Parkournator.

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This is potentially a really fun mechanic for a puzzle-based computer game. And adorably cute.

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I opened a second tab with Billy Idol and it syncs great! Even the slow-mo is spot on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG1NrQYXjLU

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It also sounds a bit like it’s laughing if you crank up the volume. “Whaaaa, hee-hee, hee-hee!”

[apologies in advance]

I love that this story is being covered by BOING BOING!


Ok, that does look really fun.

And I immediately thought of a swarm of these hoping over debris doing search and rescue, and realized my assumption for its use was the standard:


Yeah, very cute until you start speculating on the black mirror future - thousands of these bouncing into a crowd covered in razor sharp blades. :grimacing:

I can think of better ways to deliver razor blades, but on the other hand this is possibly the best all terrain robot ever made. It wins on speed and versatility.

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I was thinking that at first, but then I wondered what would happen when it landed on the edge of a rock that was too steep for it. I think a glancing hit would topple it, and it has no way to get back up.

There’s a reason why the video talked about wanting to eventually get to harder terrain, including… grass.

In contrast, four-legged bots or even old-fashioned big-wheeled bots with treads are able to start tackling rough terrain right from the start.

… Thinking about how to make this un-tippable, I started imaging if this were a sphere of pogo sticks… That would be pretty awesome.

It has the smarts to pick a good landing spot every time, so as long as it can keep bouncing it should be fine.

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