Person walking dog encounters Boston Dynamics walking their robot


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I’m walking my cybernetic organism right now.


I’d love to have seen more of the dog’s reaction. I’ve noticed that they tend to have interesting responses to the “uncanny valley” especially masks and unnaturally moving human shapes.


would be better with the 'swearing mod"


There’s no way this is staged, but I wonder why a robot would need a walk in the forest?


Damn Bambot Yetibot!


Thumbnail looks vaguely like the passenger is Amish and in a buggy. That Swedish(?) artist who does the near future stuff needs to do “Amish Buggy pulled by robot”


My guess is testing out its ability to navigate difficult terrain?


a walking robot that needs to be connected to a power source. I’ve seen this somewhere before.


Evangelion spoiler: not really a robot.


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