A robot, a dog, and a Pop Tart

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Oh Yoshimi, they don’t believe me; but you won’t let those robots eat me…


Somehow, now, here, for me… not even a grin.
I should be laughing, huh?
I’ll try again tomorrow.


So… nobody thought of putting a non-slip surface on its feet?

I lost it when the robot slipped on the pop tart. I’m not too proud to admit it. Full on exhale through my nose, quickly.


Full-on laugh out loud. Diminishing trail of pop-tart crumbs sealed the deal. Final pratfall: 100% extra laugh bonus.

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It’s probably got them. Doesn’t help when it just ensures that your foot remains firmly planted on the Pop Tart as it slithers out from under.

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Well, thank you so much for informing us! If you’re not wholly satisfied, return the unused portion – I’m sure they’d be happy to refund your money.

You’ll learn someday: sometimes it’s just best to let your children fail on their own.

Sure. I’ll bet they laughed at Skynet too, in the future.

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You might want to keep in mind that someday your children will be deciding what home to put you into.

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