Watch this origami robot fold itself up, walk, swim, and dissolves

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This is even cooler than the other one! Or maybe it is exactly as cool…

What is the point of dissolving in acetone?

Why does this look so much like stop motion animation. It reminds me of all the Gumby cartoons I watched as a kid.

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O_O what the

Because it is! Well, except for the parts labeled “1X” or “real time”. Ok, it’s technically “time-lapse” but the effect is the same.

It’s biodegradable, so it doesn’t disrupt the delicate ecosystems living in acetone lakes.


Yep. It reminded me of Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

We call this “fish out of water locomotion.”

For certain specific definitions of we.

[quote=“Tom_Talty, post:3, topic:58637, full:true”]
What is the point of dissolving in acetone?
[/quote]Yeah, I don’t get why that’s a selling point.

This is super cool, but I’d have liked to see some more 1x bits. I know it’s slow, but I’m curious about its gait.

This has amazing possibilities.
How about dumping a bucket of these into a place where there is search and rescue in many situations–them plowing through the pile could bring welcome air and hope. The dudes on water, helping to corral oil. Utilized on a thin sheet of fabric/plastic/whatever they could crawl, spreading it. Think of a spiderweb/fishnet type of material. It could spread film over burns possibly with a lighter touch that a human can. Or over the water–a micro-sized boom as or more effective than the man spread booms to contain oil. Fabulous, oh inventors. Keep brainstorming!

Reminds me of the robots in Seveneves.

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Nats! Nats everywhere!

Jan Svankmajer’s gum wrapper in MIT rampage - news at 11

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To send us a message that:
(1) It has crossed the uncanny valley and is just like us - it can commit suicide.
(2) Big Ori would think it a awful shame if anything nasty happened to us, like, being dissolved in acetone or something.

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Good thing it can only rampage when there’s a magnet pushing it around. More like, magnetic track goes on MIT rampage. Makes gum wrapper skitter along a table top.

Sub-headline: Children delighted, elderly confused, top roboticists wring their hands at the impending tyranny of super intelligent tables with magnetic tracks.

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