Researchers trick facial recognition systems with facial features printed on big glasses

A lot of things happened in 2008; you were being sufficiently gnomic that I didn’t grasp which particular event you were talking about.

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Funny you mention this, as I just had the :thought_balloon: of getting some tortoiseshell :eyeglasses: from my usual frame producer Proof.

Coincidently, they have a frame that is very similar in color palette to the ones used in the experiment, the Arco Eco Rx

Think I found my new :eyeglasses: for next year!


I got Brad Pitt as my #1 too. I tried some random faces from the internet and most had Brad Pitt at #3 or higher. Brad must be some perfect average.

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What kind of point are you trying to make? Ms. Jovovich looks stunning (as usual) in both of the pics you’ve posted.


separated at birth

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Crows for the win!

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