Researchers trick facial recognition systems with facial features printed on big glasses


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They know they’re just pissing the computers off, right? Because of these glasses, instead of just killing some humans, to ensure that they kill the right ones they will have to Kill All Humans.

Kudos, researchers, on taking the rest of us with you. Jerks. Some of us were looking forward to malevolent computer overlords.


This is amazing! Now I really CAN be John Malkovich!


You could generalize from these examples, people don’t like being judged by machines. There’s a threshold you don’t want to cross, between letting someone access a lock unsupervised, and “dammit, there really needs to be a human being in the loop here”.


It’s absolutely uncanny!


I opened the comments looking for exactly this. Well done.


I’ve been expecting something like this for years. Next stop - surveillance state!


Should be quite a spectacle!



Seems like these features could be incorporated into a tortoiseshell design without being terribly obvious.


Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich! Malkovich.


That was two stops back. We’re heading to the end of the line - nationalistic racist police state.


this is all I need to fool those systems!



No likes for you!


I’m always afraid they’ll try to frame me.


Who needs gadgets to trick facial recognition?


I got nothing but Chinese guys — including two Chow Yung Fats — except for Jake Gyllenhaal.

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

I’ve heard the case made -pretty convincingly - that what the Germans were about in WW2 was sort of a clunky rough draft for what the US has been experimenting with for some time.Names don’t mean much in this context, anyone can focus group a bunch of branding choices- what really matters here is where power is centralized.

If there was any doubt where the power is centralized after '08, then someone just isn’t paying attention.


What happened to centralise power in '08?


If you didn’t notice anything fishy going on back then with the banking industry, then I’m not going to be the one to wake you.