Restoring Square Avatars (in FireFox and maybe Chrome)


Continuing the discussion from Design suggestion box:

In Firefox, you can use the Stylish addon to set a user-style. It’s also available for Chrome but I haven’t tried it out personally.

NOTE: I have found myself logged-out once or twice when installing or adjust user-styles. I then had to login again.

NOTE: Instructions are from my Firefox run; I don’t know if Chrome is different.

  1. Install, restart FF.
  2. Click the Stylish icon
  3. Write New Style
  4. For
  5. Enter the following style:
@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
  img.avatar {
    border-radius: 0%;

Once applied, your results should look something like this

Regarding sodium silicofluoride, who knows, really?
Are square photographs as bad as square books?
Did you ever want to play questions?
Did you ever want to play questions?
Design suggestion box

If “gently-rounded” corners are your thing, up the percentage from 0.

This is 10%:


Have we all recovered from The Great Rounding?


Yeah, I think we’ve all figured out how to work around it or make use of it.


I may go back to the star version I was using for a bit…


I’ve got squares at work, but haven’t been bothered to replicate at home.

In general, I’m a fan of giving users more control over images – self-crop, etc. And cutting off the perfectly-good corners when there is no packing-algorithm to jam the circles together seems prideful without offering any user benefit.

See also:


It also looks nice, I guess.


I like this! Want to set it up in Chrome, but I get an error:

What do you suggest?


Have major image bank search engines started offering a “search for perfectly circular images” option?


I ask again:

have we?


Never bothered me; but then again, I specifically chose an avi which looks decent in almost any shaped thumbnail.


Doing some spring cleaning are ya, Jeff?



That is so clearly a rectangle. I mean, I’m just sayin


Maybe Quentin Tarantino didn’t know how to set up the aspect ratio on his monitor correctly.


I’m fine, thanks.

But just since you asked…at least several times a day, I grab someone’s avatar and pull it to the side, in order to see it as a square, to find out what got cut off. (I may be kinda weird that way…)


I prefer the square ones, but barely care enough about the issue to post about it.



Does this work better?

click here to cancel

This will probably break in a few days when I delete the style


I can’t see it doing anything… just takes me to the BBS main page with no noticeable difference. (Chrome Version 51.0.2704.79 m on Win10.)