Retail Apocalypse, the sim game

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A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?


Is one of the goals preventing Roy Moore-types from creeping on kids?


Is it winnable?

Some years ago, I worked at a ginormous IRS facility. It was housed in a former military warehouse, and it was half empty, and it was still huge. Everybody was talking about the phantom developer who was going to buy the building and turn it into a huge, thriving mall full of jobs.

This was 2009, when every mall in town was half-empty. Hope springs eternal.


What, no McDowell’s?


This… warehouse… you mention - was it by any chance located in a remote area of South Dakota?

Sadly, no. I loved that show!

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No, but it had some crates that were brought there in the 1930s from the Middle East. Supposedly, “top men” were going to investigate them someday.

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