Rethinking flags in a nation of immigrants

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Excellent point. If you’re in the country, you’re affected by anything that happens in the country. If you’re alive, you should be able to vote. Yes, probably there should be some check to see if you’re adult, and not insane, but countries like India mark your finger when you’ve voted, so you can’t vote twice.
…Don’t talk to me about flags. I was born in Northern Ireland and lived through the troubles. I’ve seen enough flags to last me several lifetimes. As far as I’m concerned, the purpose of a flag is as a rallying point for troops. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flag waved when I didn’t think that someone was looking for a fight, or celebrating that they thought had already won one. I don’t like flags. Can you tell?


if this signals seeking or winning a fight, I’m okay with it


Your flag and a couple of others I am prepared to give a pass to. Your cause is just. But beware of flags in general, and I hope your flag never becomes a general nuisance.

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The anarchist black flag symbolises the negation of all flags. Until that is achieved I will fly the rainbow and trans pride flags alongside it.

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The black flag was one of the others I had in mind.

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