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Does anyone else use it currently? Is it only an anti-hitler flag? Is it a mark of a current movement, and what are the aims of that movement, as you would describe them?

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You’re sitting in Sheldon’s spot.

You bet I am.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Pegida party?

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@Max_Blancke, I wanted to ask without changing the subjext in the other thread. I am interested in your flag, any reason you chose it?

For instance, I chose this unicorn becuase a former contributor here linked to it in a thread the day i signed up for this account. It spoke to me, because i am made of sunshine and rainbows, and superglue.

How about you?


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Oh come on now, would a person who sympathized with Pegida ever get caught saying something like this?


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