School struggles to explain Nazi flag hanging in window

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My money’s on dumbass students who should still know better. They’re probably not Nazis yet but if someone doesn’t talk to them they could become them.


I can explain, America has nazis. Wake up America! We are on the edge.


Very fine people.


OK, that facebook post was meant for a lay audience, right? Because if it is, one might do well to avoid sentences like
“The idea that a school system has made a decision to exist in the destructiveness and incapacity dimensions of the cultural continuum demonstrates a total inability to protect all students.”


On both sides of the glass?


Dude, come join us in the destructiveness and incapacity dimensions of the cultural continuum. Free your mind! Unfreeze your peach!!


Checked, and my peach was frozen! Need more coffee to check the engine light on my mind…


So, as a resident of the district this is in, and the husband of a wife who teaches at one of the schools, let’s start by saying that it’s well known that this teacher uses this and other flags during their segment on WWII. It was never hung as a symbol of hate, despite that being precisely what it is. The teacher has apparently been using it for a few years now without controversy.

Excuses out of the way: neither of us can even begin to imagine what idiot teacher thought buying and displaying a Nazi flag was a good idea for their history class lessons. Yes, kids might have moved it in front of the window as a prank which is not normally where it’s displayed, but no one seems to know for sure. However, that in no way explains why some moron bought it in the first place and thought “gee, a symbol of hate and oppression, tens of millions dead, currently being used by white supremacists in my country and world wide… you know, I think I should get one of those for class to display, that’s a great idea.”

We’d hoped the story would stay quietly in Maryland, but sigh… our turn on the stage of global ignominy because some idiot history teacher completely ignored the lessons of history.


i can totally understand how a teacher would come to the conclusion that such a thing might make the news stories and stuff their students see on social media suddenly “hit home” and feel more real with such a display, but… please think twice, people. displaying such things do way more harm than good.


Yet another (rhetorical) question I have no intention of Googling:
“Where the heck does one even get a Nazi flag?”


Your education dollars at work!

The same place one gets a Confederate flag, of course. I imagine you can by them as a set of 3 with the state flag completing the trio that you can proudly fly from your front porch or trailer.


I could deduce that much. And I assume made in China.

Get yours now, before the coronavirus cuts off our supply!


I read about this store in Egypt…

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i flirted with some toxic beliefs as a teen.

looking back, i had developed cptsd by 4th grade, and i’m embarassed to say i truly thought that everyone just acquires “social credits” by going to church, temple, mosque etc that they then spend by bullying and abusing people weaker than them.

it’s something i thought about writing about, but i’m very torn. on one hand, giving people a positive role model is good, otoh the trope of “i used to be a huge shitbag, please reward me with praise for saying and thinking things all well adjusted citizens should” is kind of overplayed.

it feels like we can’t win. i went down a dark road due to pick up culture + internet toxicity, because there weren’t a lot of places to socialize online that were nontoxic.

now there’s sooooo much information that you can seek out useful info on meditation, diet and exercise, but people blow past it to read and listen about how the frogs are turning gay.

anyways, sorry for the wall of text but this post stirred up… a lot of feelings.

(for the record, i’ve spent about a decade now on improving human rights, and deeply regret my edgelord teen days)


No, I’m sure the third flag in the trio would be:



You rock.