Return of Dieselgate: 3 more hidden programs found in VW Audi/Porsche firmware


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Gonna be a car company for sale cheap soon.


You have to admit VW’s commitment. They put some work in to cheating. You don’t see American companies putting that kind of engineering labor in to avoiding that kind of engineering labor. No wonder we can’t beat them!


I suspect that somebody at Bosch(the company that wrote a lot of VW’s ECU firmware for them) is going to be doing some vigorous throwing-under-the-bus in the near future, unless they weren’t the supplier for that component of these models.

It has already come out, for some of the previously discovered mechanisms, that Bosch’s documentation and emails quite specifically said “This is test code only; DO NOT use it in vehicles you are trying to certify or sell.”


Only morons use ‘something-gate’ for scandals. Stop this.


Considering their size and the 10 brands they own, and the fact that they are bigger than GM or even Toyota, the idea of them being sold is laughable. They may sell off one of their other brands, like Ducati.


Oh such pretty bikes.,… but my neighbor across the street had one and his was pretty true to the saying of ‘making mechanics out of motorcyclists since 1950’


Hear hear. It’s an epidemic that I like to call the “scandal-gate-pocalypse”!


Don’t start. The scandal-gate-pocalypse-mageddon will be on your head.


I’ve never understood why anyone expects computerized devices to not be full of cheats, backdoors, general sloppiness, and rank incompetence when it’s considered normal for the code (the engineering product) to be a trade secret.

I’m a software engineer, and I’ve never even heard of a place where the secrecy behind the software wasn’t used as a way to hide incompetence, sloppy testing, and security problems by management. And that’s without people actively trying to be evil.

None of this is going to get better unless open source software, including the tests and verifiable engineering assets, becomes a requirement. Note that this has no affect on copyrights or other ip issues, just trade secrets.

But obviously, that’s never going to happen, so uh… Good luck with self driving cars?


Kill the Volkswagen.




Volkswagen Season! Fire!


Abgasskandal. It’s what makes a Volkswagen a Volkswagen.


Dieselpot Dome just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.


Vorsprung durch Technikmissbrauch


… something-gate-gate?


Oh, I hardly have a scandal-gate-pocalypse-mageddon-opoly.


Just as well. You might become a scandal-gate-pocalypse-mageddon-opoly-oholic.