Revealed in Snowden documents, details on how NSA is involved in drone assassination program


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Targeted killing != assassination. Totally. C’mon, guys! Are you listening?


It’s only assassination when the bad guys do it, and everyone knows Americans are the good guys, by definition.


How many drones have they assassinated so far?

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If they assassinated Ted Cruz, how would we all feel then?

Wanton murder or a necessary clean up?

Now the problem the NSA is going to have is going to be one of avoiding blame for every shitty thing that happens.

Too much rain? Its the NSA.
Not enough rain? Its the NSA.

Markets behaving irrationally? Its the NSA.

Dropped call? Its the NSA.
Internet slow? Its the NSA.
Lousy Skype connection? Its the NSA. (It probably is…)

Every disappearance is going to be blamed on the NSA.

The have only themselves to blame for this.

Its the price and the cost of attempted secrecy in a connected world.


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