US indictment of Chinese hackers is kinda awkward


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I was wondering if this would come up sometime soon. I’m hoping the Daily Show or John Oliver will skewer it properly.

Part of me wonders if the real problem isn’t that they’re doing it . . . but that they’re uncomfortably competitive if not better.

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The CIA are certainly bad guys, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that that makes Chinese intelligence the good guys. Protecting America from foreign espionage is an entirely necessary and appropriate task for the Feds. One of the many reasons to condemn the US intelligence community’s misbehavior is that it damages their ability to do their actual jobs.


…and justice for all. So when are the NSA employees (I’m sorry, ‘hackers’) getting their endictments?

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Hoping for the day when a drone operator is plucked off his holiday flight on landing and delivered to Hague to face a war crime tribunal. (Even better would be if this happened to a high politician.) Or when the NSA hacking specialists find themselves on Interpol wanted list for cybercrimes.

Not as awkward as my reaction and subsequent vocalisations which I intend to represent with an out of date internet-unsavvy explication.


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