White House orders Russia hack investigation, Congress wants to know if Trump is involved

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You know, I’ll betcha a dollar the Russians came in on a security flaw the NSA knew about, but wouldn’t let Microsoft patch. Good work, NSA! Defuse any ticking time bombs lately?


Only the bombs the FBI provided to “extremists”


Trump’s only contribution to this hack is publicly cheerleading the Russians. He’s just not smart enough to have personally played any meaningful role here.

It’s not like a Russian government - if they were indeed behind the hack - minister was sitting around until he heard Trump’s encouragement and shouted “Cunning plan, old chap, we shall hack that Clinton trollop anon, wot wot?” (I might have messed up the accent there)


Regardless of whether or not Trump’s campaign is implicated, there are certainly domestic or foreign PACs or SuperPACs who would benefit from embarrassing a candidate, campaign, or political party. How much do you suppose it costs to hire an international hacking group? More or less than a political spot on prime time TV?

This hack, others like it, and general electoral corruption may have been brought to you by SCOTUS, the Citizens United ruling, and Buckley v Valeo (1976).


If Sean Connery could get away with it in Hunt for Red October we’ll let this slide


He did still have his Scottish accent in that film, didn’t he?


It’s nice that we have the entire Cold War apparatus still ready for action.


Yes, that does have a rather “Orwellian” name. But put in too many "Counter"s, and you’ve botched your acronyms to hell.

Here’s an article on the committee.

For more than 30 years, all intelligence agencies have been required to operate internal units devoted to identifying and countering disinformation and deception operations. The reasons were simple: to prevent strategic surprise and to stop false or misleading information from causing U.S. leaders to make wrong decisions based on false premises.

The thing is: the Soviets ran these kinds of scams in the cold war. Everybody knows that. Books have been written about that kind of stuff. So even if the post-Soviet states had become the best of buds with the United States, and remained so, other nations might have read those books and decided-- “This is a great idea. We should pull off these sorts of ops.” And the rationale for retaining some sort of expertise in this area would have remained.


Whan peeng, ahnd whan peeng ahnlee!


Ah, poor Donald Dumb-o. Recklessness is suicidal in politics and in business. Your only defense will be to play Dumb.

Is there a name for the situation when an idiot gets his foot so hard in his mouth that the point sticks on the other side of his digestive tract? If there isn’t, my suggestion is Trump’s Fake Klein Bottle.

Before the Democrats are finished with him, he’ll be a living lesson in perverted topology.

God hates Republicans and wants to destroy them. For He first made them mad, then they chose Trump, then He rested, deeply satisfied with the elegant solution.


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