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FJRD Interactive’s Among Trees offers a gorgeous early-access trip to the woods.

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Dogbane roots are hemp-like (i.e., fibrous) and can be used to weave things. No clue here re the mulberry; can it be used as ink?


Is this in that bundle? Because if it’s not in the 1,700+ items in that bundle or the 2,000+ items in my Steam pile of shame, it’s getting real hard to justify adding anything else.

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This game looks beautiful, but AFAICT it’s Windows-only. So, I’m thinking for the first time in literally decades that I might want to get my hands on a Windows box…


I came here to say, it is faintly frustrating when posts about games don’t mention on what platform(s) they are available


Five minutes in the wilds and the word STARVING flashes on-screen.

I’d rather be griefed in GTA Online.

Looks lovely and reminds me of Firewatch. Would be nice to know if it runs on Windows 7 though given that 8.1 is the minimum requirement but someone said in the Steam discussions that it does.

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Early Access on Epic Games Store. Windows. Steam in 15 months (not sure if this is from Early Access date or release date.) PlayStation and Mac a future possibility.

Rob, did you spend so much time Among Trees that you forgot what the game’s name is?


Among Trees is pretty great, my only gripes are minor stuff like the lack of a toggle on sprinting. I’m happy enough with my time so far, and in a year or two when it comes out I’ll be happy to play it again.

Yes, actually. I’ve been researching mulberry trees to plant in my yard, and they have quite a fan base among tree nerds for a wide array of benefits (food, medicinal, ink/dyes, wildlife, etc.).


How does anyone plan anything 15 months out at the moment? The world is changing daily. On some days, hourly.

Looks nice. But one ‘the long dark’ is enough of a time sink for me. (Though I don’t really play TLD in the summer, somehow it feels more real when it’s also winter outside).

Well, they probably signed the exclusivity deal months ago.

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