A skin of Castle Wolfenstein where all you do is pet dogs

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Not the first Wolfenstein-derived game where you have to put the animals to sleep.


Aha, that is incredibly cool! I’d never heard of that – I just played it a bit on the Archive emulator.

It’s a pretty good mod … they wrote their own music, added a ton of new sprites.

Sudden flashbacks of games from Back In The Day.
Commander Keen. The dig. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Excuse me, I feel the need to grind up a disc or two in my computer and do a line of nostalgia.


It was unofficial in the sense that they released it without the Nintendo Seal of Quality™; and had to use one of the mechanisms for getting unlicenced carts past the CIC lockout; but Wisdom Tree was (and is) a full commercial operation, in the slightly peculiar sense that companies hyperevolved to meet the needs of the ‘christian’ niche often are. They had their differences with Nintendo; but were apparently a legitimate iD licencee.

Apparently they’ve even done a Steam re-release; and have an itch.io presence.


Cats would never submit to such indignity.


Windows only!

Not true :slight_smile:
it runs in dosbox, so wherever dosbox runs.

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