Wolfenstein: 30+ years of killing Nazis

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Things have changed since I was a kid.

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Thanks for the history. At Computerland’s HQ in 1993, we played Wolfenstein 3D constantly (until Doom came out). I didn’t know there was a Castle Wolfenstein in 1981.

I couldn’t get into Return to Castle Wolfenstein. And there was too much sneaking around, not enough shooting in Wolfenstein II. I’ve heard good things about The New Colossus, but alas, there are so many games to play, and not enough hours.



Castle Wolfenstein reminds us all about the proper response to those who demand our papers in random checks. “Ausweis, you say…?”

True, but what about the German shepherds? They were just caught up in the whirlwind. But they kept biting so…

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There is outrage from white supremacists over this game.



Nothin’ more american than killin nazzys. BONJOURNO!


Love the recent Wolfenstein games just like I did the ones before. Haven’t gotten to II yet, or New Collosus.

Fun little-known fact: BJ Blazkowicz is the grandfather of Commander Keen.


Your name is Gore-lammy? :slight_smile:

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OMG !! another VIC 20 user. We loved ours. It had an amazing 3K of ram, no hard drive, etc. But we had fun with it.

As a player of games statements like “I find the gameplay doesn’t get in the way of the STORY” and “I played the action sequences to reach the cut scenes” worry me. I definitely liked New order’s story and milieu, but the gameplay was/is king. I even liked Old blood even though the story was much less entertaining.

Unfortunately I also read about the game breaking bugs. Although I waited for this one, maybe I’ll wait for a few patches before diving in.

@dommerdoodle: or better yet, one of the super expander cartridges for it. (I had the 3K super with the extra basic commands and also the 16K expander. What I didn’t have was the multi-slot expander which let you plug both in at once.)

Sadly, the button board I made earlier this year using the audioFX board from adafruit has both more memory and more processing power. :slight_smile:

Old school. I still have my C64 from growing up, plus a bunch of stuff acquired off Craigslist, but that’s as far back as my computing goes. I was less than 1 year old when the VC-20 came out. Boy I have fond memories, and one day I am going to thumb through all those old disks.




Some person playing my fav lvl from RtCW:

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