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Meh. Same exact thing happened to me on my Macbook, while my Mac Mini was fine. Restored from TM, reinstalled, works fine this time. Nobody’s perfect.

I’m living on the bleeding edge.


This is my current state of review for the Windows 10 Creators Update… been trying for the past couple months to figure it out. It could be the 10 GbE NIC, but not sure it’s worth it to pull it out, update, and then find out that I need to buy a newer card.


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I’m currently switching to PC after 9 years on a MacPro and can confirm: both Windows and Mac OS are fucking turds in their own way. It’s like Tolstoy or something.

I have a legit Windows key but can’t seem to activate it… Apps open super slowy (on an m.2!!) and are strangely glitchy… Meanwhile, Apple wont let me install ProRes codecs on my PC, or let me create a USB boot drive for windows… If I didn’t need to use the Adobe creative suite I’d be on Linux so fast,


Apple Support: If macOS High Sierra shows your password instead of the password hint for an encrypted APFS volume

As usual, I’m going to wait until they fix most of the horrifying bugs before updating.

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Also a note to designers: High Sierra breaks Indesign. There’s a bug that corrupts the cursor within Indesign, rendering it basically unusable. I’m having to delay projects because of this bug.

Corrupt/pixelated cursor Issue in InDesign on MacOS High Sierra

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holy pixels batman…your screen has corduroy!

@beschizza what type of screen is that?

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Mac: It just works. When it doesn’t you’re fucked.
Windows: You’re fucked. If you futz with it long enough, you’ll be less fucked.
Linux: You’re never fucked as long as you have enough time to futz with it.


I know this sounds crazy…

Put GParted on a usb stick, boot the USB stick, click on the big windows partition that’s your C drive. Make sure that it’s set to the active partition. When I installed Windows, Windows set its backup partition as the active partition and so update was broken.

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That’s the 12" Retina Macbook (early 2015) shot with an iPhone SE. You can’t see the corduroy in person, only with the SE’s eyes


Just watch a movie while the computer is updating itself.


Hoo boy, and I glad I read this before upgrading. That would have fucked up my entire day :smiley:

Liking this because of iPhone SE. The only good iPhone currently in production.


That’s unfortunate - everyone knows it’s Adobe’s job to break InDesign.


I was enjoying High Sierra through the beta releases, but unfortunately, because I have a fusion drive, I can’t install the actual, final release for some reason. I need to follow some technical directions which I’ll get around to eventually in order to install it.

I just don’t understand why my iMac with the fusion drive could install all the beta releases, but it’s suddenly a problem for the final.

Aren’t Adobe products one of the last to still use Carbon? I find it weird that they don’t support the macOS’ full screen mode after all these years.

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That’s more true of the typical consumer services that rely upon Apple APIs. But MacOS is also a BSD environment, although a nonstandard one. So if you can compile stuff BSD style you have more options

Yikes. Thanks for the warning.

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