Review: Microsoft's Surface Go is almost everything I want in a travel computer

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Can you put Linux on it?


what’s wrong with Windows CE?


What processor version did you get? There appears to be at least 2, an Intel core i5 or a Intel Pentium Gold.


Yes, yes you can.


As the Surface Go has a fairly new chipset, I wouldn’t want to speculate. That said, you know that there’s likely folks out there trying to noodle it out.

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that’s not compatible with windows S, and if you follow the link @SeamusBellamy gave:

Runs Windows 10 Home in S Mode,


Ya… not me. I despise Microsoft. Unpopular opinion here probably but, I jailbroke my chromebook and haven’t looked back. I have a feeling once google puts something like boot camp on these, they will only get more popular. Taking the entire thing apart and taking out the write protect screw and putting custom firmware on to put Linux on it now was a pain in the ass but, whatever. I get a tablet, a laptop, and pretty much anything else all in one for cheap.


Hahahah, what?


I hate Microsoft. I feel that they were thrust onto the stage with a shitty product because consumers naturally don’t understand what a good product is because they don’t understand technology. Speaking of which maybe I’ll eventually get to do this sometime in my life:


Yeah, what I’m puzzled about is why you think that’d be an unpopular opinion here :wink:


Most people I meet irl barely know how to use a calculator, nonetheless a computer. I don’t meet too many people in redneckistan that know what Linux is, nonetheless know how to install it .

I’m very happy with my Surface Pro, but am scared of the Surface Go. That’s because if you use it as advertised you’re heavily dependent on Microsoft OneDrive, which is vile evil crap from the pits of hell and when I tried to configure it on my computer irretrievably and inexplicably deleted every file on my computer (fortunately still backed up on the external drive I’d used to transfer them days earlier). And tech support was useless, and worse than useless.

Using an SD card instead of Microsoft’s advertised solution of OneDrive sounds like a good work-around, though.


Nice report Seamus. If you want your Surface to last -indefinately- make a policy and discipline with yourself to -always- have it plugged in when using it, and treat the battery as only to be used in emergencies by special exception. This policy can ensure your Surface product can last for decades to come, as you take good care of it.

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Seamus, you should’ve mentioned the price range. Just a small critique, but beyond that this review gels with what i’ve heard elsewhere on these :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks! Will definitely consider this then…

As much as you talk about open and free software and hardware, I expect something besides this.

I find it interesting having this “everything I want in a travel computer” post next to the post detailing your nomadic lifestyle.

It makes me curious why you’d qualify your enthusiasm with “travel computer,” since it sounds like that’s the only kind of computer you’d consider in the first place.

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You can put Linux on anything.


It’s a good idea to make articles stand alone, particularly when they are reviews. That way they don’t get stripped of context as easily when somebody forum-boxes them or whatever.