Review: Phantom Doctrine lacks the fun of XCOM

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Time to get a better platform.

I almost bought “Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics” recently but then I figured I could just play XCOM 2 again.


I don’t know if it is available on Switch, but I’d heartily recommend “Invisible Inc” for some turn-based tactical fun; though this is a tactical sneak 'em-up.

The story line is linear but quite strong, and the art style is right up my 1960’s super spy alley (I’m still waiting for a third installment of the adventures of Kate Archer; No One Lives Forever I and II really tickled me).


Hard West is on Switch.

A lot of people don’t rate it, but I liked it quite a bit on PC.

NB, I only paid small money for it in a bundle; for $20, it might be a different story. Looks like the Switch version comes with an expansion pack though, which should add value.

It ain’t XCOM2, but worth a look for turn-based tough-decisioning.


As I also enjoyed XCOM and Wasteland very much, I‘d recommend all Shadowrun games from Harebrained Schemes. They have turn based tactics and a nice (cyberpunk!) story.

The new BattleTech game from Harebrained did not apply to me, even as it is much more sophisticated - you could try this as well.


I have had the same experience with Phantom Doctrine. It never picked up the pace in a good way (like xcom). I just had my clean up team that fixed whatever was amiss in the same dull way as usual.
If you ever find yourself behind a PC or if this is ever ported to Switch. Look into Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. It plays a bit different from what you are used to but I think you might like it :wink:

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