Wolfeye Studios' Weird West is looking like my kind of game

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You might enjoy Hard West, already on Switch:

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I’ll put that on the radar.

I’ve been playing Prey and I went through the Dishonored series earlier in the year.


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I was very confused when this game was announced, as I thought “Hard West” was called “Weird West,” because that was consistently part of any discussion of it, on top of all the other similarities. So I read announcements of this one, thinking, “Are they announcing a game that’s already been out for a while because of a PR glitch, or is this a new game with the same title?” The game aesthics are quite similar as are the trailers - comic-booky art interspersed with gameplay of a top-down, painterly, strategic RPG.

It is a bit strange that they’re using a genre descriptor as a game title. Leaving aside that it’s so close to an existing game title for a game that’s at least superficially quite similar, it’s like naming a game “Steampunk.”


Agree with everything you say and your descriptions of these games and their micro-genre are spot-on (it’s a cool micro-genre, too!).

In fact when I first saw Seamus’ post I thought he was talking about Hard West and that I must have remembered the name wrong…

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I wonder if confusion with Hard West will make Weird West a, um, hard sell. It’s also not great to be the second game of a particular style, even if it’s better than the first one. (Unless they have a much bigger marketing budget than Hard West had…)

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I was also reminded of Hard West when watching that trailer.

Still, I like most games published by Devolver, so I’ll keep an eye on this.

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