Review: Wasteland 2 for Nintendo Switch

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I have it for the ps4, and I never did finish it. Perhaps while I wait for other games to arrive, and between bouts of abject failure on Dead Cells, I’ll give it another shot.

You’re right though: It really does feel like it works best on a mobile platform.

Diablo 3 was already published on multiple generations of the Playstation and Xbox and did quite well, so no worries there as to how well it’ll play on the switch controls-wise.

“I remember being frustrated by how the game played using a trackpad.”

That sounds like a you problem, because you should never be using a trackpad for gaming.

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Looks like the same engine used for Fallout: Tactics.

W2 is a good game on PC… I think.
I’m tempted to play it again.
But it’s, well, I always start games, especially RPGs a few times and then I have a hard time going back to start them again for another play-through.
Personal problem? Uh, yeah… I guess.

There’s something about working in front of a computer, seven days a week, that keeps me from wanting to sit in front of my laptop during my downtime.

I hear that. At one point this encompassed every form of electronic entertainment, including teevee-based consoles.

I’ve slightly better life-work balance now, which helps.

I just picked up Skyrim for the Switch on Friday. In spite of having started it several times on both the PS3 and PS4. Last night I got sucked right in again and ended up playing until 2:30 am.

Wasteland 2 is on my shortlist of games to get, but it’ll be awhile now. Thank you for your impressions.

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