Evil West looks like a blast

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There is another game in this same genre “Weird West” already out for PlayStation, Xbox and Windows if this is your thing. I have not actually played it, but it’s on Gamepass for PC and Windows if you want to give it a try sometime. I have heard good things, and bad things, but it seems to be based on what people go in expecting. It was created by people who used to be at Arkane, but it is NOT like an Arkane game. More like an Obsidian-style isometric crpg


Nice work on the contextual advertising guys.


For Pnp peeps, there are Weirdly Wild West scenarios: Really Wild West Index | Owen K.C. Stephens

This is more my style:

Wasn’t that just normal RDR2 online for a while there while they worked out the kinks?

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TBH I’ve never played the game and know nothing about it. My game library tends to be somewhat older. More modern games will have to wait until after some major hardware upgrades.
This video does make me want to try RDR2. Absurdity of this sort would make for a rollicking fun game.

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The actual game is far from rollicking. It’s a good western, but not wacky in any real way (a few little strange things, but pretty serious). The mod seems like it would be a huge improvement!

At least RDR1 had the Undead Nightmare standalone followup that is pretty weird

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