Review Skeptic reviews hotel reviews

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Yes, but is there a Review Skeptic Skeptic to review the hotel review reviews?


Sure is, but you can’t trust anything on it, according to Review Skeptic Skeptic Skeptic…


I have a friend who works for one of those companies and we had a really interesting conversation about their algorithm and how any modifications they do to refine it to help trim out fake reviews is instantly greeted with a besieged phone bank of calls from hotels asking why their ranking has dropped one or two places.

Nobody apparently calls to ask why theirs went up however.



Will there ever be a system that gives the rank of a movie/hotel/restaurant based on people that have a similar vote history as yours?

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I’m starting a Review Review Review Review Skeptic Skeptic Skeptic Skeptic, but I’m not even sure what that entails anymore now that I’ve finished writing this.


Netflix already does this.

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Your parentheses match, if that helps.

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Are we sure it’s not cumulative? (Review (Review (Review (Review (Skeptic (Skeptic (Skeptic Skeptic)))))))

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TripAdvisor does something more personal (for better or worse) where it tells you which of your friends have stayed at one hotel or gone to another local restaurant.

Personally I find it off putting, but others seem to like it.

It seems to me that a

is just null? So this would reduce to

Or does my argument belong in the skeptic tank?


This site claims to do the same thing for Amazon reviews, based on such things as the individual history of the reviewers. I haven’t used it except to try it out, but I like the concept. :star:. :star: :star: :star: :star:

Also obligatory:


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