Review—Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SPOILERS!)

And? What’s it to you? You can say, “I don’t agree with that, I happen to like the EU” and move on.

Nope. Gotta write the tirades. That’s how you win on the internets.

And, if it makes you feel better, I only said people acting as gatekeepers to fandoms are dicks. I never referred to you specifically.

But now you’ve outed yourself, I guess.


My inner nerd was screaming:



I suppose we could say “oh the navicomputer can do the timing, and drop the Falcon out of hyperspace at the exact right moment.”

But of course that would make Han pulling that switch completely pointless. Unless he decided to use the switch as a relay for the navicomputer’s timing program. But even then, why not let the Falcon just do its timing during the whole mission? It’s not like clockcycles are a limited resource.


Nothing about Anakin immediately comes to mind but Luke does receive visions of a possible future when he entered the cave in Dagobah so there’s definitely film precedent for this.

But the Rey = Luke’s Daughter theory isn’t just about the lightsaber. It’s about the lightsaber and everything else. One or two pieces of possible foreshadowing are iffy, but with all of them put together, you suddenly have a strong case.

Same reasoning behind J=R+L. A couple winks and nods towards Rhaegar and Lyanna? Eh… Okay. But a dozen of them?

Won’t disagree with that.

Isn’t it kind of the opposite? Before Luke went off to confront Vader, Yoda mentions that there’s another Skywalker who could bring balance to the Force (talking about Leia). Then in RotJ, they also say that it’s very possible for Luke to fail. Someone strong in the Force is always going to be pulled into large events but they stil have agency in those actions. Luke falling to the dark side was a real possibility which is why Obi-Wan and Yoda were so worried.

I think it’s telling that most of the fan servicey and heavy-handed HEY DO YOU GET THIS REFERENCE stuff was shoved in the beginning of the movie. After Rey took off with the Falcon, the movie really hit its own stride.

But if this movie is aimed squarely towards casual fans like you suggested, then Starkiller Base would absolutely be a suit decision. People know the Death Star. They’d see a Death Star 3.0 and think, “Yeah, okay, I get that.”

Uhh, except I did? I wasn’t referring to the perceived quality of EU. I was talking about how EU fits into canon.

I wrote a response with Legends item that made it into canon in reply to a poster who said EU stuff is not canon anymore.

In response to someone who was directly referring to me.

Anyway, I’m interested in talking Star Wars, not getting pulled into endless shade throwing or encouraging a poster who was creepy enough to stamp my name all over his personal items.


Oh Jeez. Now the person who may or may not smell like wampa (it’s just a legend and has not yet been established as canon on dookiepedia) is telling me that I’m creepy for sharing pix of my personal effects with a group of my friends.

Why didn’t any of you tell me this before? I feel like I’ve been walking around with spinach in my teeth.


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off topic: I read EU every single time as European Union and need some moments to parse it correctly :smile:

let the Trek Wars begin!


i could see han & leia honoring ben kenobi by naming a child after him, particularly since han gave him such a hard time and then learned that he was right all along. leia obviously looked to kenobi as an important figure, and honoring his history would be appropriate. i guess in the Extended Universe luke did have kids, twins, and he did name one ben. so maybe they lifted that for the movie and put it on han and leia instead. it would be cool if they were adoptive parents, but it seems so unlikely. my question is, if ren is luke’s daughter… who is her mother??


Mon Mothma!

My secret hope is that they’re planning the biggest fanboy surprise ever by having Mara Jade walk out of a cave on the island to stand next to her husband.

The “Lannister Option…”

Now, that’s scary.


Leia comforted Rey because she’s her niece, and they’re both strong enough with the force to know that (or that they’re at least connected somehow). Assuming the Rey is Luke’s daughter (and she HAS to be), then Rey’s loss of her uncle (Han) parallel’s Luke’s loss of his aunt and uncle on Tatooine. It’s what will drive her to be the most powerful Jedi - more powerful than her father, just like her father was more powerful than his father,

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I considered replying with a clever gif, or with an advice animal saying “srsly, just stop” but it was too snarky and strangely enough (and for what I’m about to say) felt too insulting for someone who doesn’t seem to be a troll. I’ll risk your ire by just flat out saying it:

You’re sorta, kinda, almost beginning to act a little bit like a dick.

Your contributions have been interesting, your responses when someone doesn’t agree with you haven’t


It is the same movie as 1 and 3. You have to constantly suspend your disbelief. It was pretty, I’ll give you that. Characters were great but it did not live up to the hype. And that horrible helecopter\ drone shot at the end…wtf?

That was the switch to make the tea.


May the Schwartz be with you.


As soon as that ending sequence started I thought I was watching the ending of Fellowship of the Ring all over again. It was just so cheesy. I felt it could have ended just as effectively with the Falcon going into hyperspace.

Overall I liked it - and yes it was full of flaws but it’s not like the other 6 films weren’t full of flaws and gaping plot holes either. It was fun and entertaining. I’m seeing it a second time today.


Thank you. So did I.


I dunno, the movies themselves define hyperspace so loosely that it’s hard to say exactly how it does or doesn’t work. It’s both treated as a separate dimension and referred to as “light speed” - as if to imply that you’re just going really, really fast through normal space. Material from the EU implies that the latter is true, and that while you’re in hyperspace, the gravity wells / “mass shadows” of stellar objects like planets and stars (as opposed to their physical presence) are what’s dangerous to travel. If that concept is still canon, I think it makes sense that you could drop from hyperspace - where stuff like shields and space debris have no impact on travel - into normal space at extreme proximity to a planet’s “mass shadow” and slip inside a planetary shield in the process. It’s just a completely insane idea that nobody who hasn’t spent the past 50 years being a hotshot smart-ass would try to pull off. Alternatively, taking the “faster than light” angle into account, it could be that while in hyperspace you can punch through a shield during its refresh cycle if you know the frequency at which it’s operating (which they would, thanks to Finn). It’s just, again, completely ludicrous to attempt, which is why nobody builds anything to defend against that possibility - it’s usually reasonable to assume that nobody is stupid enough to try. If the EU’s extra-dimensional travel interpretation of hyperspace is itself no longer canon, then the way hyperspace behaves based on what’s been shown in the films and TV shows is so poorly defined as to not inherently contradict this plan either, IMO.

As for dropping out of hyperspace manually, I’m gonna go with Rule of Cool on that one - having the computer do it would be more accurate, but less visually satisfying.

I could be mis-remembering (since I’ve only seen the movie once so far), but wasn’t the shield just over the oscillator? Alternatively, the shield could have excluded the region around the collector side of the planet, which would be naturally protected by the fact that there’s a column of freaking solar plasma pouring into the area. Alternatively alternatively, shields in Star Wars canon behave in a manner consistent with the requirements of the plot, since (for example) capital ships can launch and recall fleets of fighters from their hangars without having to cycle their shields to do so ;).


If only!

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