Review the Energizer AA battery


I once believed the internet was going to unify the citizens of the world.


They had the same belief about the steam engine. Human nature doesn’t change. We’ll take whatever innovations that have such promise for unity and communication and use them for exploitation, vice, and war, and it’s a fool’s dream to imagine otherwise.

That being said, I dearly wish I could be such a fool.


What I’d like to know is, when are we going to get batteries that recharge from electromagnetic fields we move through? You’d get a couple of AA batteries that basically stay charged as long as you’re moving around.

Though, the battery makers would probably charge come kind of subscription fee (in return for generating the field.)

The link takes me to user reviews of AAA’s not AA’s? Personally I would say Energizers are the best of the bunch, especially in high power draw situations (like digital cameras or flashlights). As for the various “kinds” of Energizers, I can’t really speak to that. I know at one time the Lithium series was a tad better for things like camera flashes, but I mean just a tad. Besides outside of keeping a spare set on hand for emergency usage you should really be using low self discharge NiMh (or possibly Li-ion if your device can handle that setup).

The energy density of the fields is too low.

But the idea is valid in principle and researched for micropower applications (think wireless sensor arrays).

Ha, didn’t really expect to see a SomethingAwful post here (not even a frontpage one), even less directly from Lowtax.


Superior American Maker Ingenuity is why Russian batteries will never be better than American ones. This little puppy will run for 27 years between charges. At which point you drop it into your Hummer for a couple of hours, and you’re good for another 27 years. AAAs?!!! Not likely. Plus it uses duct tape.


Wouldn’t work that well because self-discharge of lead-acid batteries is kind of high.

Some suitable lithium chemistry primary cells would do a better job and could even last the 27 years. (Todo: lookup and calculate? Maybe with Li-SOCl2 chemistry? What Li batteries have the longest lifetime?)

Or maybe some solar cells and a supercap, these things can trickle-charge for the couple millijoules they need for daily use.

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Oh great, now I’m re-reading all the ICQ pranks again… haven’t been to that site in a few years, but man are these pranks funny as hell, even when reading them the n-th time.

Have you met the citizens of the world? Those assholes have too much power already.

I stash the remote in my back pocket and spend a half hour a day sliding down the banister. Regenerative braking FTW!


Put a coil into the remote, and line up hard drive or other scavenged magnets in north-south-north-south… orientation onto the banister (with suitable surface), and you’re good to go.

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