Review: These microfiber towels are a much better way to clean up spills and messes in my car

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Better than young Mr. Puggles? The very avatar of sincerity, eagerness, and gentle abrasion? I am wounded!

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I shall use these instead of toilet paper in my tiny home.
Do they come in dye free?

A few years ago when these microfiber towels were already in supermarkets you could still pay $30-50 in an outdoor store if they had added one of the big outdoor brand tags to it.
These are great travel towels for grabbing a shower or visiting the pool and then quickly drying off, just hang the towel on the outside of your bag or bicycle, dry in an hour or less.

Also, if your car is broken down in Death Valley and an apocalyptic event has ended all hope of rescue, I’ll bet you can use these to filter your own urine for one last spoonful of moisture.

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