Revisiting the Internet K-Hole of vintage snapshots


This is the link:

Oops, fixed! Thanks!

I’ve followed this awesome blog for a while now; mostly to see if pictures of my late 70’s/early 80’s sense of fashion or party habits ever surface.

Who the hell is in the bathroom mirror in the mime/ballerina pic? Is that the same guy reflected off another mirror somehow?

Also, the longer I look at this woman’s expression, the more inscrutable it becomes. It almost seems like you could draw any mood or emotion from this picture:

Also, before you pull the image up, it is a topless photo, so possibly NSFW

I can never tell if I look at the K-Hole posts because I enjoy them or if I’m making sure I’m not in any of the photos. I’m pretty sure that KISS photo is from the birthday party of a local St. Louis radio station.

So, this is where carpet munching came from.

The ballerina possibly being the inspiration for the end of The Silence of the Lambs?..

Hell’s Angles – I’d be in that gang.

137 degrees is a bitch.


So THAT’S who you get when you go to Universal Studios and ask for Babs…

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