Madonna and David Blaine


“David Blaine interviewed topless Madonna in For the Love of God Please Say I’m Still Relevant magazine.” – Michael J. Nelson

My wife, who grew up in central Massachusetts, was reminded, as I read this aloud, of this song from “The Slightly Twisted Disappointer Sisters”, that played on Boston’s local music video channel, V66, in 1985. It was prob’ly already a pretty tired media-overload joke back then (like, the same folk, with the same sense of humor, would find it just as funny to hear or sing this same song about Miley Cyrus, last year, or about British groups in 1964), but it’s a fun li’l time capsule from mid-80s Curmudgeonville, nonetheless, and underscores what a sensational phenomenon Madonna was, thirty years ago.


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Image number 6 is a blatant rip off of another photographer’s work. I am referring to the photo of her with the face mask with flower. The original image was better. I clipped it out of a magazine in the 90’s and it hung on my wall for a time, the image is etched in memory. It was in one of those intelligent sex magazines, like Nerve, but it wasn’t Nerve. It was geared towards lesbians. I can’t remember the name of it. Does anyone out there happen to know anything about the photo I am talking about?

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