Reviving my Christmas daddy-daughter podcast, with Poesy!

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But the difference between then and now is you’re podcasting from “Beautiful Downtown Burbank”.

Looking forward to more podcasts in 2018.


Magnificent! Happy day to you both!


I haven’t seen a photo of Poesy in awhile, how she’s grown - and almost 10!

Making floam - I’m a super cheapskate and those polystyrene foam beads can be kind of expensive, but I’ve found a couple of bean bag chairs at thrift shops for 50¢ and a dollar apiece that use them as filler. Some contain recycled smashed-up styrofoam cups and stuff, which is groovy for the environment but they don’t make pretty floam.

Some chairs contain what they call virgin polystyrene beads which are beautiful, round, uniform little balls ready to be added to slime. I’ve found two different sizes of them so far - little BB-sized ones and big fluffy pea-sized ones.

You have to be careful checking the contents of the bean bags chairs at thrift shops because the beads are very light and have a tendency to go flying everywhere if you aren’t careful.

Edible slime - I know you were joking around but I keep seeing recipes for it online, though I’m pretty sure that it has existed for decades in the form of marshmallow creme. :wink:

Future podcasts - I still haven’t read your story The Man Who Sold the Moon and I would love hear you read it.

Hope you guys have a lot of fun together in the coming week and the coming year.


Ooh, that’s excellent slime advice!

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