Revolving sushi restaurants replace food conveyors with touchscreens after "sushi terrorist" pranks

Originally published at: Revolving sushi restaurants replace food conveyors with touchscreens after "sushi terrorist" pranks | Boing Boing


Clearly need to progress to sushi drones (with retina scans) [insert video of drone downdraft spraying prior miso all about]


Delivery by pneumatic tubes would be cool, but probably a little messy.


How about having a conveyor belt separated from the diners’ table with a clear plastic divider? If you see something you want you press a button and some sort of mechanical arm diverts the item through a one-way door onto your table. You could even have some sort of QR code on the bottom of the dish that a camera scans as the dish gets shunted to your table to tally what you ate.

It would be a smaller scale version of some assembly line machines I’ve seen on TV shows like “How It’s Made”.


It’s only a matter of time before this turns into the nightmare AI restaurant scenario from “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” (the episode from the X-Files reboot).

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I haven’t watched it, but is the name explained in the show?

Had a hunch and tried it out Base64 for Followers


assholes that shut down the conveyers got a good laugh for a couple of days. conveyers are gone forever.

i hope it was worth it.


It’s not quite a pneumatic tube, but at some places like Genki Sushi, they deliver your food on a model train.


It really feels like there’s nothing left that some variety of brainless asshole won’t ruin for the rest of us. I expect the touchscreens will soon be smashed with a brick or something, just because they can. I’m half expecting that by the end of my lifetime, restaurants won’t exist because society isn’t mature enough to handle them.


It’s been that way throughout history, really. Automobiles first got ignition keys after pranksters kept taking joy rides in cars. Not even stealing, just going around the block and pissing off the guy who eventually invented it. Or how idiots will toss trash into any car where the window is left open. I think the first fortified city was made because of brainless assholes coming in and trashing everything.

I guess the real news here is that this is in Japan, a country which was known for people following the rules, where a system like the sushi bar could even be tried in the first place. It just took that long for the attention-seeking assholes to find and ruin the conveyer belt there for others.

As for how the idiots will ruin the touchscreens, expect instead that they will smear sticky foodstuffs on the screen or otherwise attempt to gross out other customers as a “prank”.


What they need is large food network with an Interfood Protocol, so that bento canisters could be sent by a series of tubes, rather than delivery trucks.

Setup a ghost kitchen anywhere on the food network, and you’d be in business.

Maybe Musk could sell Elonald’s Happy Meals?


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