Forget sushi boats, check out the sushi bullet train

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Kids today think they invented everything.


I like my Sushi to pull a few G’s before I consume it.


One way to diet I suppose.

It’s going to be the new sous-vide.

Oh, I just put my steak in this machine that whips it around at 17 Gs for 4 hours. All the bacteria are guaranteed to be dead, and the meat has been tenderized to a toothsome mush.


I grew up in the smallest county in Pennsylvania and the owner of our Tastee-freez had a train that would deliver food to your table back in the 70s, but I’m not sure exactly when he put it in. Long gone now though sadly.


Hey, I could drive to this in a not too unreasonable time.

I went to a similar place in Tokyo. It was fun, aside from one issue. I ordered three plates, which arrived on one train. Due to a fault in evolution, I only have two hands. I grabbed two of the plates, but before I could reach up to take the third, the train shot back into the kitchen.

With some help from the guy next to me, we eventually managed to communicate what had happened, and it came back a couple of minutes later.

No time! Quick, load some Spicy Tuna Rolls into the sushi gun!

Two related places in the KC Metro:

  1. Sakura - Their sushi bar is in the middle of the room, with counter top surrounding the chefs at work in an oblong shape, around which there is a scale model train track and train with a bunch of flatbed cars attached, onto which the chefs place the plates of sushi as it makes it’s way around the bar. Yes, this is the Midwest version of “conveyor belt sushi” This was popular enough, they opened a second location that is almost nothing but the sushi train.

  2. Fritz’s - A diner established in the 50’s, now with 3 locations. Each table has a phone - push the button, and place your order via the handset. Overhead are tracks, on which trains run carrying your food, delivered via basket that the train drops onto a platform that lowers to your table. it actually works much much better than it seems it should from this description. But, someone still delivers your drinks by hand, which is probably for the best.

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Be careful of what you wish for…

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OMG take my money NOW!

sushi AND trains???



While visiting my son near Kumamoto (southern japan) late last year we went for sushi at a place that had 2 layers, the top one was the usual sushi boat/conveyor-belt, the bottom layer was essentially special orders by trains


mmm , 2 inari , a kampyo roll , an oshinko roll , tamago nigri , and a single salmon nigiri , please !!

My own spin on Ron Swanson:

Just give me all the unagi you have. Wait, wait. I’m worried what you just heard was, “Give me a lot of unagi.” What I said was, “Give me all the unagi you have”. Do you understand?

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