Reward of $1 million for Dorothy's stolen ruby slippers

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First a tornado, then a hurricane. Those shoes always seem to change owners during extreme weather events.


And through unlawful means, too.

At least the previous owner didn’t die and then creepily deflate this time.


How much you wanna bet this gets turned into some kind of movie, like the gayest most low budget Ocean’s 11 ripoff ever?

Meanwhile, somewhere, lurking beneath the rainbow, they were working at the B&B, but now they’re working on their B&E. If they’re gonna pull this off it’s gonna take courage, heart, brains, and a little help from Toto (he named the bat Toto). 1 million dollars could fulfill all their dreams, but was it all just a dream? Find out this summer in :
“There’s no place like home”

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Why do I expect there is some dude in a blue gingham dress wearing those slippers and fapping like a maniac now.


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