Rewriting sensationalist headlines for mathematical correctness



Awesome. If I were a media baron, my publication would be all stuff like this. And also, I could figure out what it would even mean, “delisticles”.

Overall the blog is wonderful. Many nice stories, and good intro to probability/statistics.

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$475 million > $461 million

Is that adjusted for inflation?

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I could read those all day.

Yeah, I appreciated the irony of that too.
I think the way to rewrite that in a mathematically correct world is “some out of context number whose meaning we have no idea of was higher in the later Star Wars film, but we don’t even know whether that is good or bad”.

Just shows how hard it is to live up to your own standards :slight_smile: At least he’s trying though.


I don’t want to be that guy, but their $250,000 tax headline actually seems to refer to people earning $250,001 (or depending on the exact tax code, the headline is correct, but the drawing is wrong).

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I have a feeling there will not be a shortage of material anytime soon.

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