RFC: Consensus Reality Game

First off, I’m not really sure this is the best place to post it but I’m kind of hoping it is. I’ve drawn up this RFC as an idea for a game played on Twitter en masse. It could also be played on BBS though the spot checks might lose something in the translation.

I’d love to hear any comments you might have.

This is an RFC for a Consensus Reality Game.

Each game consists of challenges posted to twitter. Participants are encouraged to respond to the designated tag with photos of them completing the challenge in a funny way.

The game and submissions to the game will be managed through Twitter and hashtags.

Rules and “winners” are posted on Tumblr. Winners are RT’d on Twitter.

Each game shall last several weeks with daily weekly goals (which can be tweeted at any time up until the next daily weekly goal) and “spot checks” (with players posting in a short time frame to avoid long preparation).

“Spot checks” are for bonuses or makeup points only. “Spot checks” involve Calvinball rules.

No challenges shall require physical interaction with other humans.

Entries that win a challenge can move the “plot” forward.

Example Game

Aliens known as the Brizen have taken over Earth. The Brizen are not allergic to water or crayons. Small change (and other things you can fit several of in a pocket) been forbidden.

Example Challenge

Checkpoint. You’ll be searched for small change and other contraband.

##Example Spot Check ##

Incoming laser attack! Take cover!

ETA: Switched daily goals to weekly goals.

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I’m intrigued. Interesting mechanics. Would like to hear more of how you imagine an iteration might play out.

Also, the intention behind “Consensus Reality.”

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sounds like fun, but you know, I had fun once, and it was awful :smile:

seriously, this is clever. even if I don’t think i would play, I might lurk just to see what people come up with.

Am I supposed to already know what RFC stands for? Is a “Consensus Reality Game” already a thing, or is this something you’ve also coined?

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I could be in on this, providing it’s not too much of a time-sink.
I don’t understand what you mean by “Consensus Reality” here, but understanding is often unnecessary. “Sounds fun” is all I need to know.

I suspect it’s a turn on “Alternative Reality Game” but instead of the A being set by a sole GM, the Consensus means respecting others right to change the reality. Hence, the Calvinball reference.

But that’s just my guess, want to hear the canon from St. Iggy.

Ahh. Well, as a semi-pro Mornington Crescent player, I’m up for this.

Essentially, the idea is to have a fun time with selfies on a theme (building a sort of story) and award points arbitrarily (hee) on the basis of funniness and popularity. The basic scenario is loosely announced at the beginning but the specifics are fleshed out on the basis of participant participation.

Your guess (later in the thread) on the mashup of consensus reality and alternate reality game is spot on.

I know, fun is the worst. :laughing:

I think I neglected to post the revision here but on the basis that I don’t think I can reasonably keep up with it every day, I’m modifying the “daily” challenges to be weekly. I don’t believe it will be much of a time sink. People could potentially spend hours working on a shot but I think most of the best ones will be hilarious off-the-cuff submissions.

Since “submissions” will be through the hashtags, it won’t need a gatekeeper (or a bus load of mods) to keep things interesting.

[quote=“noahdjango, post:3, topic:36623, full:true”]Am I supposed to already know what RFC stands for? Is a “Consensus Reality Game” already a thing, or is this something you’ve also coined?

RFC is a white paper concept meaning “Request For Comment.” A lot of standards (like RSS, etc.) are kind of birthed in RFCs. In a sense, it’s like the opposite of an RFP (request for proposal). Someone comes up with an idea, puts some flesh on it, and “runs it up the flag pole” so to speak.

As far as I know, I just coined Consensus Reality Game. I’d like to see it be a thing. Alternate Reality Games are cool and all but, in a sense, there’s one right answer and the creativity lies in finding it. I’d like to see bigger scale creativity in the process of making the answer (or, really, making the “story” rather than an answer).

Unfair advantage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But, yes, unbridled chaos is the name of the game.


Combining photography, shooping and creative daftness within a frame that’s subject to the whims of it’s participants and is entirely confusing to the unwitting spectators.

Noooooooo, doesn’t sound like my kind of fun at all… :smiley:


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