RFK Jr.'s journey from environmental lawyer to anti-vax presidential candidate

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ABCNews explains that RFK, Jr. not only spreads mis- and disinformation about vaccines, he also has financial incentive to do so

sadly “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”, is often the origin of a “political platform”

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Seriously, fuck that guy, he created the whole scare for personal profit at the request of a lawyer who wanted to sue vaccine companies.

Excellent video essay about the whole thing:


In just one generation… what a change.
His father is kind of a hero to me. Even though he was murdered when I was 2.
I firmly believe that RFK would have won in '68 and the world would have been a better place for it.
This guy… WTF.


This self-righteous woo peddler must really resent and hate his father to trash his legacy to this degree.


And fuck the Daily Mail which ran front page stories promoting Wakefield day after day for months, that ran editorials supporting him and got its biggest columnists to throw doubt on the efficacy of MMR.

Without the Mail’s advocacy, it would have been a non story quickly rebutted by subsequent research. But that all got drowned out in the screeching, aggressive readers at any cost coverage sanctioned by editor Paul Dacre and proprietor Lord Rothermere.

There are probably thousands of kids who died or have been crippled by entirely preventable diseases and the Mail has their blood on its hands.

As far as I know, the paper has never once apologised for the public health catastrophe it created.


It has been 6 months since Harris’ last video upload; I wonder what he is up to at the moment? I hope he is okay.


I don’t think the newspaper that supported Mosley and Hitler apologises for anything without a judge telling them they have to.


I’ve posted this often before, but it’s stil just as relevant.


That guy should rot in jail for crime against humanity.

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