Rhasspy: a free/open voice assistant toolkit that's fully offline

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It’s sounds pretty interesting, but I can’t make out that logo for the life of me!


About time! I’ve been thinking this yeah, does it have to send out all my recordings for some answers with today’s technology? Nice

The big tech companies are starting to realize this is an issue they need to get out in front of:

Also, Apple now lets you opt-out of Siri saving your voice files on their servers…
Don’t hold your breath for Amazon to follow suit.

I guess it is the R of “Rhasspy” made into a butler (because it is an assistant), plus its leg is a rasp tool?

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The idea is nice, but wow, that logo looks ominous. Along with the name it gives the impression of a surveillance tool from some crime comic, quite the opposite of its intended function…

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My morning #showerthoughts:

The best common use of these voice-assistants: “[hey surveillancedrone wakeword], set a timer for 10 minutes.”

In the near future, we’ll ought to have lots of voice-activated, non-internet connected single-purpose devices that listen their own purpose as the wakeword (“set a timer for…” “turn down / turn up / turn on / turn off the lights”).

No no, it’s a cobra in a spy’s cloak that is made out of knives.

Why? I have no idea.

A typical voice assistant (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) solves a number of important problems:

  1. Deciding when to record audio (wake word)
  2. Listening for voice commands (command listener)
  3. Transcribing command/question (speech to text)
  4. Interpreting the speaker’s intent from the text (intent recognition)
  5. Fulfilling the speaker’s intent (intent handling)
    Rhasspy provides offline, private solutions to problems 1-4 using off-the-shelf tools

All my voice commands will be telling Rhasspy to author and edit Perl scripts. #5 solved!

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I think it’s the black spy from Spy vs Spy, which “has spy”


R has spy.

Checks out.

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