Rhode Island lawsuit argues that the Constitution guarantees a right to sufficient education to be an informed citizen


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Interesting argument! I hope this gets somewhere. :slight_smile:


The TGOP / Trumpanzies would never have it.


Education is so much cheaper than ignorance, but some people simply can’t invest in the future.


Thankfully they are in a serious minority here in RI.

It’s actually interesting that the argument is coming from here. While we certainly do have top and bottom performing schools as there always has to be a first and last place…the gap between one of the upper private schools like La Salle or Bishop Hendrickson and the lower end like Classical or Hope is not that big. In fact some of the schools in the poorest parts are actually some of the better performing schools.


An educated (and not merely credentialed) electorate is the Republicans’ worst nightmare. They’ll be doing everything they can to oppose this lawsuit.


I don’t know–I’d guess they’d make the ‘originalist’ argument that the Founders’ intended everyone to have an 18th-century education.


But if you are uneducated, you are so much easier to deceive. Therefore, TPTB will not stand for it. This was the argument for disallowing teaching of Critical Thinking Skills in Texas: “It may lead students to question received wisdom.” And they said that as though it was a bad thing! Mindless drones are the goal. Education is the enemy. Why do you think teachers have been prime targets for right wing rage?


The Republicans will just help set the curriculum:

Then politicians and their friends in the know will make sure they are heavily invested in standardized testing related companies and push a mandated high-stakes test to make sure those thought-of children are getting a “sufficient” education and they are getting about 20% off the top.


“I love the poorly educated.” —Donald Trump, 2/23/16


I went to a public high school in Providence and it was excellent



Whether that pack of kleptocrats “will have it” is irrelevant. What matters is whether the electorate will have it.


I hope this works, but it seems like a looooong shot.

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