Rich Koch Brothers heir boldly makes shirts


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The GOP tax plan was written for children such as this. Fuck him and his stupid shirts


I really do not want to fuck him. And I am going to speak for everyone else in the world…NO ONE wants to fuck him.


Roger that!

Reprise: May he die while one of those ugly Chinese manufactured shirts shrinks his chest cavity until the silver spoon and our tax money drops from his mouth in a cold shivering rain.

Nothing personal.


Question: How would the person in this illustration dress himself in a button-up shirt when he lacks both fingers and arms long enough to reach his waist?


With a valet silly! Doesn’t everyone have one?


So, When will the two brother kick the bucket?

I want to see what they’ll do to the Resource Extraction Empire once they’re gone.


The only way this kid is going to get laid is by bragging about how rich he is. Even so, I doubt he’ll get many takers.


I will say this…small miracles and all…at least he is only making fugly shirts and not doing real harm to society like running an investment firm, or running the State Department.


And thus another piece of the history of the future fell into place:

Seriously, the Kochs are such massive hypocrites. In their appeals to the Know-Nothings they spend all their time differentiating between the “right” kind of Real American™ resource-extracting wealthy person and the “wrong” Coastal Elite creative class kind and then basically pile money into the latter when it comes to a family member.


I have to Agree, which bring back to my previous question: what will happen to the Empire once the Bros. kicked the bucket?

Sure they could continue their attack on Laborers (someone have to make those shirts), but what about the Oil and Logging industries that they own? Will the heir Continue to kill the Biosphere, or will they abandon it out of fear of Human Extinction.


It’s a public company. Junior here and the other heirs will continue to let it chug along while they collect their incomes, plowing some of it into toy businesses like the shirt company and some of it into bodyguard salaries, fortified bunkers, private islands, and spaces in Peter Thiel’s Nazi moon colony.


I suppose it’s nice that he has a hobby that keeps him away from politics. Maybe those orgs. daddy funds will die with him.


you don’t brag about being rich.

You drive your custom one-of-a-kind Lamborghini to your private jet, which takes you to Monoco. After refreshing at one of your penthouses there, your helicopter takes you to your yacht, upon which you instruct the crew to sail to your private island (the bigger one).

You then give anecdotes about these ‘entirely normal’ trips like this at GOP fundraisers.


Hey guys! Those shirts are on sale for 99 bucks. Imma gonna use my new tax savings to put a down payment on one. Hope they do lay-away cuz fifty cents a week payments and in almost no time I’ll pay it off. Woo hoo…can’t wait to show it off at Mar-a-Lago (that’s the new cocktail lounge at the bowling alley).


Apologies in advance but I seem to be unable to resist correcting geographical errors this week. Monoco sounds like a petroleum monopoly. Monaco, on the other hand …

(ETA Monoco is also probably where the natives are known as monocles.)


I believe all the rich should wear such shirts. The colorful plumage will make it easier to identify game when hunting.



Skimming the comments, it took me a couple seconds to realize you were talking about the terrible and distorted sketch not being able to reach his waist area, not the terrible and distorted Koch spawn.


So the children of the rich can’t be bothered to do something even remotely valuable with their unearned wealth. Like not even an endowment or building a library or something? Making fugly shirts is just pathetic. No wonder some MLers go hardcore against some art, just seems like it’s the past time for the idle rich and their buddies.