#Rickyrenuncia: Bowing to popular pressure, Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello has resigned

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Statehood, or full independence.

Puerto Rico deserves better than they’ve got as a neo-colonial serf-state.


Puerto Rican governor Ricardo Rossello has resigned

Adios bigot, tRump is hiring…


Good to hear! I do hope they eventually get statehood.


Makes me wonder what we could accomplish here in the States if we took to the streets.

Also, someone tell me again why we aren’t in the streets protesting every day?


I hope they get it all, and that it sets off a further chain reaction of people demanding better from our fucking government and the wealthy parasites that make our lives dreadful.


And if that comes in the form of an independent socialist state, we’ll just give them the Cuba treatment for the next century. That’ll learn 'em.


Because we haven’t quite reached the point where 51% or more of us feel they have nothing to lose. The people in PR figure they can’t fall any lower so they may as well do this. They can spend all day protesting because either they have no jobs at all or they have jobs that pay so little they can’t live on their pay anyway. They don’t have to worry about going home because either they have no homes or their homes are so awful there’s no point going there. They’ve become heroes - by the real definition of ‘hero’ in the military sense. They’ve been so sick, tired, hungry, thirsty, dirty, muddy, hot, dusty, lied to, abused, fed up and fucked over for so long they just no longer give a damn.


Because a huge number of Americans, maybe the majority, have decent houses with air conditioning, working electricity, a refrigerator full of food, grocery stores with cheap meat and produce, cable TV, and a functioning infrastructure. Our country is run by an actual felon who is murdering children, but as long as most Americans can turn off the TV and ignore it, the country isn’t going to go full Puerto Rico.


Because who’s got the time after working 3 minimum wage jobs and still in debt?


Not all Americans have it the way you make it out to be…and our president is also a felon; not convicted yet, but a felon.


If only Trump had kept up with regular deliveries:

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I specifically said “a huge number”, not all Americans.

My point is that, as @snork says, PR has been pushed to the edge and is desperate. We aren’t to that point, remotely, in the States yet. And unlike PR, a small but extremely loud and angry minority still adore Trump (including people who own a lot of companies and big businesses). So a general strike isn’t happening yet.


I was waiting for you!


Because Americans are the most complacent, anesthetized, incurious population in the world.

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All the answers provided so far are definitely contributing factors, and we should remember the closest you’ve gotten to actually doing this which was occupy wall street, I was actually reminded of this recently when I listened to an interview by film maker Adam Curtis and his rebuke of it and why he believes it didn’t go anywhere.
BTW, be prepared to dislike the interviewers (At least I couldn’t stand them), though its still provides Curtis with a good platform for going into some detail on what his work has been pointing to for some time.

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None of the items in your list are even remotely “cheap” from an historical perspective, but I completely agree with the idea that the citizenry are anesthetized in various insidious ways that sap their civic pride.



so who is the next despot to take over? the corrupt Mayor of San Juan? corruption never ends–attention just gets redirected by main stream media to something else they can gleen revenue from sponsors.

You created an account just to chime in that nothing anyone does really matters?

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