From #TelegramGate to #RickyLeaks: Puerto Rico is on 🔥!

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This is excellent, and I wish them the best. I also wish this level of unrest would finally bubble up on the mainland. Because we could really use it.

It would be great if the protesters would start lobbing paper towel rolls at the cops.

But I appreciate a good callback.

I hope that’s true, but we’ve entered a time where credibility is repeatedly given to those that least deserve it.


Puerto Rico is on fire!

I mean, have you been there in July? DAMN!


The territory’s past is so marred with corruption and human rights abuses it is scandalous. Literal crimes against humanity have been done to the people there and its all stayed swept under the rug because 'Murica.

Even ignoring who our current president is I don’t think the government has ever cared for the lives of Puerto Ricans. They deserve better and more importantly they need to be taken seriously by the US.




Yeah… I know Corey’s gonna Corey, and exaggeration is his thing, but I can’t help but feel that using hyperbole about a situation so serious seems both insensitive and opportunistic.


Think about the dedication and perseverance to protest on the streets in melt-your-brain heat.


“Give us Us Free.”

From my perspective, they citizens of PR don’t have the luxury of being complacent, self-indulgent or apathetic in the face of such an immense threat right now, like so many of us here on the mainland do.

Power to the People; I hope these protests and demonstrations lead to actual beneficial changes.


An acquaintance of mine who is a Trumpist was going off about Puerto Rico after the hurricane, and I just stopped him dead, “Do you know anything about Puerto Rico’s history, how they’ve been treated, how little power the people there actually have?” He looked kind of shocked I would question him but he admitted he didn’t really know much about PR. The guy used to be a public school American history teacher too.

The email leak has also become an excuse for other Trumpists to say “see it’s not Trump’s fault, they are all corrupt down there”, except 1.) that doesn’t absolve Trump of his own incompetence or corruption, and 2.) the US government has basically condoned Puerto Rico’s corrupt leadership for decades-- so they are half right, it’s not Trump’s fault they are corrupt, but it’s not like Trump really cares about corruption either.


somebody please tell me that his Puerto Rico New Progressive Party is more republican than progressive, or at least more centrist democrat than progressive… bleh

The parties aren’t organized around the same politics of conservatism/progressivism as the states. They aren’t left/right. All the politics are organized around the statehood question. The names are coincidental.


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