Ridiculous Instagram cease and desist results in duck filled mockery




Let’s not all be too eager to jump to celebrate some asshole who wanted to repost people’s photos without their consent just because he said something funny.


I thought there was some Thing where people were getting angry because Instagram was taking down their photos? Or is that a different Thing? There are too many Things these days; it’s hard to keep track of them.

Anyway, the post is missing link to original story:


Link missing was my oversight. Sorry.


I think this was a deliberate troll, they intended to provoke a C&D.


That reminds me… I need to head over to Pen Island and order some refills.


The censoring in the legal letter doesn’t make any sense to me. Why is the name of the site always at the end of a line, even if it’s only halfway across, and then after the CR it’s blocked out?


The name of the site isn’t “Sluts of Instagram,” it’s “Slütsof in Stagram.” He didn’t want to repost other people’s photos, but it’s pretty obvious he wanted to troll Instagram by naming his fantasy land Stagram and the protagonist Slütsof.


Definitely a trolling event. Reminds me of the young software developer named Mike Rowe who got a C&D for his website mikerowesoft.com Everyone should remember that there are lots and lots of lawyers out there trying to look useful and they usually don’t have a sense of humor.


Who wanted to do that? Citation, no, really, prove it.



No, let’s be eager to assume the motives of the site’s creator instead, despite substantial evidence that this was a satirical hoax from the start and never intended to lead to a real erotic photos site for a moment. As long as we’re eager to jump to something, right? :slight_smile:


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